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We are proud and honored to have twinned our association with the AMIGOS DE SANTIAGO ASOCIACION OF MIRANDA DE EBRO. Miranda de Ebro, a town of 38,000 inhabitants is halfway between Rioja, Basque Country and Castile. Located on the VIA DE BAYONA, what more natural as continuity of our Coastal way!

The association runs a refuge for pilgrims :
Albergue municipal de peregrinos "Andrès Terrazas"
Plaza Cervantes 5A

It is also the head office of the association.

Do not hesitate to visit the website of our Spanish friends; ?>
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Welcoming at the Miranda de Ebro town hall 

In 2010 at the signature of the twinning

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The 1st september 2018 

On the 1st of September 2018, our association was greeted at the Ayuntamiento. We went up the great stairs and entered the building through the great door opened in our honor. L’Alcadesa in a pink dress thanked us for our visit and gave to Mikel a gilded bronze replica of the faced of the building. Mikel thanked her giving her a sanguine showing the caminos of Compostelle in the Landes.