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The Landes cooking is famous. Of all the French departments, it is the place where are counted the largest number of farm produces with a quality label : poultry, including the famous fat duck, its liver and duck breast, Chalosse beef, asparagus, kiwi, Tursan and Landes wines, Armagnac ... Friend pilgrim , you have to taste the famous « Assiette Landaisewhich brings together on a lettuce all that the fat duck can offer better, asparagus, pine nuts, sweet corn and other delicacies ... The two emblematic cakes of the Landes are the pastis landais and the tourtière. They are easy to find at each place where you stop. More’over, all the good inns offer you them.
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The foie gras and others 

The Egyptians, already masters of a new world in an advanced civilization, undertook to domesticate and feed these strange birds by means of a forced feeding of figs and flour pellets: the gavage was born! The Greeks and Hebrews later discovered the qualities of such methods. The Romans eventually succeeded in the divine marriage of wine, sacred brew, and ficatum, one of the best culinary successes ever! The first barbarians, after the agony of the Roman Empire, swept away these customs, treasures and traditions! First the Gauls afterwards the Franks, had little interest in the refinements of the table! With a few exceptions on specific French regions (south-west particularly), goose and fat duck knew a respite until the 18th century. A real enthusiasm for these fat palmipeds was born under the impulse of cooks such as the Sarladais Villereynier de la Gatine or Clause who marveled his Majesty Louis XVI with his creations of pâté de foie gras of geese! In any case, it took years and years of hard work to achieve the results that today constitute an important part of our culinary identity here in our Southwest and especially in the Landes.

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The beef of Chalosse 

The beef of Chalosse is certified as a meat from the race called « Bos taurus ». It is a quality meat produced in the south of the French department of Landes and in the north of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, considered as one of the jewels of the breeding and regional gastronomy.
In the limited area of Chalosse, beef cattle from Chalosse are grown according to tradition, with a 100% vegetable feed: fodder from the farm (grass, corn, wheat) and supplements exclusively vegetables (lucerne, flax). It comes from breeds with noble meat: Blondes of Aquitaine, Limousine, Bazadaises.
The strict respect of these specifications permitted in 1991 to obtain the red label 'bœuf de Chalosse' and in 1996 a certification « Protected Geographical Indication « (PGI) , highlighting the notion of terroir.
There are about 370 breeders, producing 2,200 meat animals per year. The animals are slaughtered at the age of three and a half, having reached a weight of 450 to 500 kg. The meat from this breeding is mainly distributed in the traditional butcheries.

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Game and wine 

The game-wine harmony is not the easiest to achieve. Indeed, this harmony depends on many parameters: wild game or farmed game? The taste and texture are often different! Is it a game bird or a game animal? Is it a small game (thrushes, quail, goshawks, woodcock), waterfowl (teals, wild ducks ...) or a big game (roe ,deer ...)? As with any wine pairing, is there a complementarity chord or an opposition chord? It will also be different depending on the preparation and the filling: roasted in the oven or in sauce? Another factor to consider: the budget available! Our winemakers are very attached to their traditions and possess typical and unique grape varieties for the elaboration of their wines (cabernet, merlot sauvignon, petit and grand manseng among others) .You have chosen? So, good appetite!